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Agave americana 'Mediopicta'

Rs. 499.00
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Botanical name: Agave americana mediopicta

Requiring water only once a week, this cactus plant has a high threshold for water retention. These plants have a high tolerance for heat and love sunny places and the outdoors. They are slow-growing by nature for most of their life. These house plants typically take several years to outgrow their pot, letting you remain free from repotting every year. Owners of this don’t have to deal with maintenance issues and can simply enjoy the added aesthetic this plant brings to the house. 

A great addition to your windows and balcony gardens, these peaceful plants only require lots of sunlight, pots with gritty, mineral soils and drainage holes.

Did you know: The Agave species were originally known as sources of food, beverage, medicine and fiber. The leaves, stalk, flowers and sap are all edible.