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Agave Isthmensis Mediopicta

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Common Name: Dwarf Butterfly Agave, White centered Thunder, Century Plant

Botanical Name: Agave Isthmensis 'Ohi Raijin Shiro Nakafu'

Other names: Agave Isthmensis Mediopicta

Origin: Mexico

What's special?

 This miniature, compact plant, having interesting names like - Dwarf Butterfly Agave, White centered Thunder, Century Plant, is one rare variety of succulent. It is made up of an individual rosette of powder-gray-green leaves, spreading upwards like an awakening flower. It is hardy & draught tolerant since it is used to growing in hot, dry areas of southern Mexico on rocky coasts & cliffsides. It also produces many offsets that you can use to propagate your garden area. Overall it’s a very interesting plant. In Mexico, it is used to make Tequila. But you can just keep it indoor as it looks brilliant in containers because of its small size & compact structure.

Growth Habits: Up to 12 inches

Soil Requirement;  Well Drained Soil, Coco Peat

Watering Schedule: Once in a week

Light condition: 4 – 5 hours of indirect sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 10 - 32 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: This succulent does not require frequent repotting.

Suitable Locations: Indoor locations like Balcony, windowsill, work tables, rock garden, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips:

 • This plant can easily tolerate draught situations but will not survive frequent overwatering. • Try to keep this plant in near a sunny window. Strictly avoid dark areas. This succulent will not grow properly if it does not receive adequate sunlight. • If you notice patches of discoloration, ranging from light brown to black, your succulent has likely been sunburned and will need to be moved at some other spot. • Always use well-draining soil comprising of large particles such as sand, gravel, and bark. • Stay a little careful if you have dogs and/or cats at home as the leaves are mildly toxic for consumption.