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Delivery might get delayed due to Covid-19
Delivery might get delayed due to Covid-19

Aglaonema Lipstick red

Rs. 699.00
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Indoor Plant
Partial Shade
Well Drained Soil
Needs Moderate Watering
Air Purifying
Pet Friendly
Ornamental Plant

Common Name : Chinese evergreen, aglaonema lipstick

Botanical Name : Aglaonema commutatum 

The Aglaonema Red is a natural humidifier and is NASA recommended for air purifying. The houseplant gets its name from the bright red border on its leaves that look like lipsticks. It is an evergreen perennial plant that has wide leaves and bright, shiny foliage. The Aglaonema Red is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. 

These plants complement several home décor appearances in a beautiful way and are therefore considered great additions to indoor planting. They are often considered auspicious gifts at functions and are very common in households. Their low maintenance status only makes them more appealing to plant owners.