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Aglaonema ‘Red Valentine’

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Common Name: Chinese evergreen red valentine, Painted Drop-Tongue

Botanical Name: Aglaonema commutatum red valentine

Other names: Aglaonema ‘Red Valentine’

Origin: Southeast Asia

What's special?

Bring this plant home and make your every day - a sweet Valentine’s Day. This beauty will add love, romance, and excitement to your life. This plant has simple the most stunning & lovely foliage - with large lush green leaves having shades of red spreading through the center or sometimes randomly splashed over it. Approved by NASA as an air-purifying plant, ‘Red valentine’ is also a great air humidifier. You can practically grow this ornamental plant anywhere but it an excellent choice for adding a splash of color to your living room or bedroom. 

Growth Habits: Up to 40 inches (≈ 100 cms)

Soil Requirement: Any well drained potting mix

Watering Schedule: Twice a week

Light condition: 6 – 5 hours of bright indirect sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 16 - 32 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: These plants do not require much repotting. You may be required to do it once in two years. Use some fresh soil while repotting.

Suitable Locations: Places where the plant can get indirect light like Balcony, closer to window, floor accent, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips:

 • Water well during summer months and reduce it during winter but do not let the soil dry completely. You can also mist the plant to raise the humidity level. • You can wipe the big leaves of this plant with a moistened cloth or cotton to remove dust & dirt. • Right place for this plant is very important. You will need to find a spot of low indirect light. Too much sunlight can damage the leaves. • Always remove dead, infected, or damaged plant parts and discard them.