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Alocasia Polly

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Common Name: Elephant ears, African mask

Botanical Name: Alocasia x amazonica

Other names: Alocasia Polly

Origin: Philippines

What's special?

 Alocasia Polly, also known as Elephant ears & African mask, is a tropical hybrid beauty which is all about its leaves! To start with, the deep green leaves are uniquely large, display an arrowhead-like shape and are complemented with whitish or light green nerves which are noticeable from a distance. Apart from its decorative application, this plant is used extensively for many other reasons as well. It appreciates high-humidity areas such as kitchens & bathrooms, does not require much time & effort and is easy to handle. If you are intending to start gardening & you are a beginner in this field, then Alocasia Polly will be an ideal choice for you.

Growth Habits: Up to 2 – 6 feet high

Soil Requirement: Well drained Peat/ Clay/ Loamy/ Sandy

Watering Schedule: This plant needs daily watering

Light condition: Medium to bright indirect sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 18 - 25 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: Repotting is required ever year or two. Make sure that you choose a pot that is big enough to accommodate your plant’s roots.

Suitable Locations: Places where this plant can receive bright indirect light like windows, study room or living room, kitchen, balcony, garden area, etc.

Maintenance: Medium

Caring Tips:

 • Place this plant in pots with good draining system otherwise the roots will start rotting. • You will need to water this plant daily but make sure that you never overwater it. Also, in winters the water requirement will reduce significantly. • Too much heat can damage the leaves of this plant. So, try to keep it at a place where it can receive indirect sunlight. • Try to find a sheltered spot if you are planning to keep it outdoor during the summer months.