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Apple Ber

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Common Name: Apple ber

Botanical Name: Ziziphus mauritiana

Other names: Indian jujube, Green Apple bear, Chinese date, Indian plum, Chinese apple, Dunks

Origin: South East Asia

What's special? This fruit is your ‘one stop shop’ for fulfilling all your dietary requirements. Apple ber have no carbs, no fats but are abundant in fiber which makes them an excellent snack for weight loss. Vitamin A & C present in these fruits will help you strengthen your immune system. Its rich calcium content will keep your bones healthy. And the most exciting of all - recent research has found that this fruit can help prevent cancer and can also help fight Alzheimer. Once it reaches a reasonable height, you can use this plant as a shade for your other saplings. The whole tree with its Sweet, Crispy & Juicy fruit is simple too valuable to ignore.


Growth Habits: Grows anywhere between 10 - 40 feet tall

Soil Requirement: Well drained sandy soil

Watering Schedule: Daily watering is required

Light condition: Full sunlight is required (for up to 4 - 6 hours a day)

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 15 - 35 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: You may repot when the plant becomes too big for the current container. While repotting, handle its roots with utmost care.

Suitable Locations: Garden, terrace, backyard, balcony, Fences, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips:• Make sure there is not waterlogging, and the pot has excellent drainage system. • This plant can withstand hot and dry climate, but high humidity can create disease conditions and pest problems. • The plant develops deep tap root system within a very short period of time. You may require reporting quicky during the initial growth phase.