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Betel Leaf plant

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Common Name: Magai Paan (Hindi), Wild pepper, Kadok, Bai cha plu, Daun kaduk, Betel pepper, Paan patta, Nagar-bel, Vidyache paan

Botanical Name: Piper betle

Other names: Betel Leaf plant

Origin: India

What's special?

 The Betel leaf is an extremely famous Indian origin plant whose leaves are used in making the regional desert - ‘paan’. Apart from making paan, the dark green, heart-shaped leaves are used for various medicinal & culinary purposes. The leaves are said to have many nutrients which help reduce cough & cold. And the crushed leaves are used in various delicacies to add cool peppery scent. And there is more, the leaves hold a significant place in Indian tradition as well – used in various auspicious festivities like wedding rituals, etc. But even if you are not concerned with all this, you can just create a beautiful pattern out of this climbing plant on your interior walls to make a peaceful décor.

Growth Habits: Up to 1 meter high

Soil Requirement: Loamy well drained

Watering Schedule: Twice a week

Light condition: Bright indirect sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 18 - 32 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: Avoid repotting unless absolutely necessary as the roots of this plant are very sensitive to change.

Suitable Locations: Rock gardens, shaded Balcony, bedroom, windowsill, tabletop, vertical garden, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips:

 • Try to keep this plant in natural indirect bright light. • Always use pots with proper drainage hole. Excess water can damage the plant in a very short time. Water only when the soil is dry to touch. • Occasionally renew the soil with some organic fertilizer like vermicompost. This will keep the plant healthy. • This plant requires regular pruning and plucking of leaves which encourages new growth.