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Common Name:  Conocarpus

Origin Name:  Combretaceae


Conocarpus is a multi-trunked tree, or shrub with low spreading branches, 3.5-6.0m tall. Conocarpus is suitable for planting along roadsides, parks and gardens for its attractive silvery foliage, and its tolerance to hot and windy conditions. Its alternate, stalked leaves are oblong to lanceolate in shape, densely-covered by silky hairs and appear silver in colour, 5-10 cm long. This can be planted singly as small tree in silver-themed gardens, or grown close together as informal or clipped hedge. Also suitable as bonsai.  This plant can be propagated by seeds or stem-cuttings.

Plant care:

Drought and salt-tolerant, suitable for coastal or beachfront planting. It requires moderate to little water.