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Spice up your Interior Combo / Aloe Vera 'Tiger tooth', / Spider Plant, / Philodendron Green, Philodendron Golden

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What's special?

Aloe Vera 'Tiger tooth'-

The Angel wing begonia is a flowering species from a large family of plants named Begoniaceae.

The Begonia coccinea has a fair few varieties that display glossy type leaves on cane stems and display colorful flowers.

The Angel wing begonia blooms during summer. These flowers are a small waxy type that grow in groups from the stems, and kind of droop or hang. Flowers commonly bloom bright red to light pink in color.

Spider Plant-

Spider Plant or Chlorophytum is one of the most popular indoor plants. Known for its attractive foliage, this plant is evergreen and stands the test of time. Widely appreciated among plant owners & growers for its low maintenance factor, this plant also got the recognition it deserves from the general public after NASA study determined that this plant was effective at removing common household air toxins. The foliage of this plant takes a beautiful web structure with its long, thin leaves. On top of it, each leaf is designed with a white stripe along its length. All this makes it an attractive & enjoyable houseplant.

Philodendron Green, Philodendron Golden-

This is most commonly used in interior design to boost up some space with greenery. They don’t get much pests and don’t need much care, they make do as the perfect minimal care indoor plant for people in busy lives. It is better to keep these under indirect light, because the leaves would be damaged under direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist, but allow it to dry out between watering.