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Yellow bell tree | Tecoma stans

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Common Name: Yellow bell

Botanical Name: Tecoma stans

Other names: Yellow trumpetbush, Yellow elder, Ginger-thomas, Piliya (Hindi), Ghanti ful (Marathi), Chandaprabha (Bengali)

Origin: America

What's special? There are very few flower plants that can bloom 365 days a year. Yellow Bell is surely one of them. With bright green leaves and bell shaped bright yellow flowers - the contrast is just next to perfect. This ornamental plant is drought-tolerant, grows well without any hassle, has spectacular appearance and will attract butterflies & birds with its contrasting colors. All this has made Yellow Bell one of the most admired landscaping plants. Any day of the month, any season of the year – Yellow bell will keep your surrounding bold, attractive and cheerful.


Growth Habits: Grows up to 15 -20 feet high

Soil Requirement: Rich, moist and well-drained soil should be given

Watering Schedule: Water regularly

Light condition: Full/ partial sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Between 15 - 40 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: Only repot if the plant outgrows its container, or the soil needs to be refreshed.

Suitable Locations: Any outdoor place, like gardens, society, open cafeterias, properties, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips:  You may trim the plant to keep it at a manageable height of 6 – 8 feet. • Plant it in a spacious area having enough room both sides as the Yellow bell likes to grow wide. Avoid planting it close to the walls or driveway. • Always keep the plant protected from fierce winds as the branches of Yellow bell are not too strong.