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How to grow healthy plants?

How to grow healthy plants?

Of course, indoor and outdoor growing choices need to be made first.  However, the environmental checklists for achieving optimum plant health are practically the same regardless if we are talking indoor or outdoor gardening.

Right plant in Right place

Start with a constructive observation of the environment where you may be planning to grow green life.  It is a good idea to draw a simple map with some of your ideas and refer to it one year from initiating your planting to make improvements.  For established gardens, one can sometimes see the mature size of species and a sketch will help the experience gardener make future plantings accordingly.

Take a look at the space you have selected and see how it is oriented to North, South, East and West.  A compass may be needed to determine this critical step as “right plant, right place” is a rule of Nature.  One can walk along any naturalized area and see how plants live together within the environment that their sun orients and careful observation will expose species using less sunlight to thrive. 

Examine the soil

Now, after deciphering your sunlight orientation, examine the soil type in your planting area.  Is it clay or sand?  Rocky or soft?  Needing organic matter?  Does it smell foul which may mean that it is compacted therefore anaerobic.  Be sure to prepare your soil for the long term health, have a plan to add what is needed and consult a with local University or expert service for assistance.


With confidence that these first tips are in place, access to a good quality and quantity of water, timing of watering and scheduled watering consistency can be examined.  In some places, a water test may be needed and one will have to use their best judgment as to reliable quantity.  The act of water scheduling and consistency will come from one’s Heart to Love and care enough for their plants to make this task a priority.

Positivity for Plants Presence

Both indoor and outdoor plants have great chance at thriving if we always follow these basic growing principles.  However, even with the best orientation and environment, your plants need a home where there is positivity for their presence and low possibilities of being injured manually or mechanically.  We should never underestimate the dynamic potential being harbored within The Plant Kingdom as all Life starts with plants.

About the author
Pat Lewis
- Golf Course Manager
- Landscape installation business owner
- Estate care (mostly garden maintenance)
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