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Dalchini | Ceylon cinnamon | Cinnamomum verum

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Common Name:   Dalchini, Ceylon cinnamon

Botanical name:   Chinnamomum verum


Variety of foods we know today wouldn’t be the same with Cinnamon and it’s deliciously warm aroma and a delicate mild sweet taste. It is also added in several confections, curries, liquor, perfume and drugs. Originating in Sri Lanka, it was also known as Ceylon Cinnamon. It has been recorded in history in as far as 2000 BC and the times of Exodus. It was also used for a variety of purposes in different regions, ranging from being a religious element in Egypt and medieval Europe. It has names like Dalchini and Lavangam in different places. 

This is a tree that grows in well-drained soil and grows up to 15 metres, an excellent choice for a medicinal herb in your backyard. 

Once upon a time, it was said that Cinnamon was worth more than gold, and we have to say, it still does if we think of it’s rich aroma and subtle taste. 



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