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Agave Lophantha Quadricolor

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Common Name: Striped Quadricolor Agave, Quadricolor Century Plant, Goshikibandai, Center Stripe Agave, Thorn-crested Agave, McKelvey’s Agave, Thorncrest Century Plant

Botanical Name: Agave univittata 'Quadricolor'/ Agave lophantha ‘Quadricolor’

Other names: Agave Lophantha Quadricolor

Origin: Mexico

What's special?

 Words will fall short to express this plant’s uniqueness. Known by many names, this agava grows to an ornamental size of around 40 cm in height. The dark green leaves, which are long individual units coming from the very center, have golden borders with spikes at the end. The whole structure looks like a star shaped fortress, beautiful & protected. The plant’s overall yellow-green contrast is simply beyond admiration. This desert plant, which can survive hot weather as well as can tolerate low temperature, is perfect for your landscape garden.

Growth Habits: Up to 3 feet tall

Soil Requirement: Well Drained Soil, Sandy & Moist

Watering Schedule: Once in a week

Light condition: 4 – 5 hours of indirect sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 10 - 32 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: This succulent does not require frequent repotting.

Suitable Locations: Indoor locations like Balcony, windowsill, work tables, rock garden, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips:

 • This plant can easily tolerate draught situations but will not survive frequent overwatering. • Try to keep this plant in near a sunny window. Strictly avoid dark areas. This succulent will not grow properly if it does not receive adequate sunlight. • If you notice patches of discoloration, ranging from light brown to black, your succulent has likely been sunburned and will need to be moved at some other spot. • Always use well-draining soil comprising of large particles such as sand, gravel, and bark. • Stay a little careful if you have dogs and/or cats at home as the leaves are mildly toxic for consumption.