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Alternenthera dentata 'Little Ruby'

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Common Name : Alternenthera dentata 'Little ruby'

Scientific Name : Alternanthera dentata

Light condition :  Full Sun

Growth Habits :  Fast

Watering Schedule : Every day

This plant adds lush foliage and color to your garden. Alternanthera dentata, known as little ruby and ruby leaf alternanthera, is a fast-growing ornamental
ground cover plant in the amaranth family. The plant is chiefly grown for its coloured foliage. Growing 60 to 80 cm, features burgundy-coloured, pointed foliage with a
radiant ruby red rearwards and it has a compact, mounding and spreading habit. Compared to other Alternenthera, the popular cultivar 'Little Ruby' is shorter and
slightly less brownish in colour, in addition to having smaller leaves as well. The plant features dark creamy, pompom-like flowers, which bloom in winter and early

Plant care:
Suited for pots, it may be used as a hedge and as a contrasting plant to the more lighter foliage in the garden. Thriving in humid conditions and has heat tolerance,
the plant does best in well drained soil under a full sun to partial shade, with somewhat shaded frost-free location in the garden. The plant can easily be propagated by stem cuttings and would root readily in plain water.