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Bio Charcoal for fruits and flowers (Charcoal + Topper) - 1.5 kg

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Charcoal + topper

This is a perfect blend of what can give our little plant friends a boost in their growth, flowering and fruiting. Prepared with premium quality of Vermicompost, produced in house is rightly named ‘Black Gold’, being actually worth it’s weight in gold to the soil; is also enriched with Bio - Charcoal, rich in Carbon and with innumerable qualities that includes adsorption and retention of nutrients. This, mixed with our ‘secret ingredient’ could be the go to choice for your plants.

Bio Charcoal, with the dawn of the century has become a focal point in improving soil and enriching it with its unique characteristics and immense potential and application to being highly beneficial to farmers, even in areas that lack optimum soil fertility, pH levels and adsorption capacities. It has also become a crucial point of  research in multiple disciplines as the need for soil’s enrichment has become urgent in today’s scenario. 

BioChar is a fine-grained, carbon-rich, porous product remaining after plant biomass has been subjected to pyrolysis at low temperatures (~350–600°C) in an environment with little or no oxygen. BioChar in the soil works as a reservoir for water, microbes, minerals and nutrients and has an incredible adsorption area of 200 to 400 square metres per gram that amounts to an acre per 10 grams. 

The results from the application of Biochar have been tested and retested over time. It has been observed that it increases the cation exchange capacity by 50%, increase and balance the pH levels in acidic soil, increase moisture retention by 18%, increase crop productivity by 20 to 120%, decrease methane and nitrous oxide emissions and naturally increase biological nitrogen fixation in the soil by 50 to 72%.