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Insulin plant | Chamaecostus cuspidatus

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Common Name:  Fiery costus  / Insulin plant

Botanical name:  Chamaecostus cuspidatus

 What better to battle diabetes than this anti-diabetic miracle ‘Insulin plant’ that has been extensively researched upon? It is perfectly low maintenance and all in the same while being highly health benefiting. In parts of India, these leaves are traditionally consumed to battle diabetes mellitus and several pieces of research have been conducted to see it’s a positive impact on health. 

Go ahead and buy this if you need something that you don’t have to bother about much, but would still be a healthy gold mine in your little garden. It is the best herb to have at home if any loved one has diabetes. 

The leaves have corosolic acid that aids in insulin secretion, and thereby it is called the insulin plant.