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Divine By Design | Peace lily, Aloe Vera, Sansevieria 'Hi - Color'

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Indoor air purifiers that protect and promote health. 

1. Peace lily 

An excellent ornamental variety, the beautiful ‘peace lily’ is quite an easy plant to maintain, even with your busy schedules. This is also said to be an efficient air purifier. It would thrive in your little indoor garden, in indirect sunlight and medium watering, as the soil dries out. They are evergreen perennial plants that add an excellent ornamental value to your home. 

2. Aloe Vera

We are no strangers to the universally hailed ‘wonder plant’, Aloe vera. Known for its endless health benefits, it used to be planted in every house under curry leaves trees as a tradition. Bringing it back, wouldn’t it be handy to have this all-purpose plant in our apartments even in the busiest of the cities?

Aloe vera is known for its antioxidant properties, skin healing tendencies, body heat reduction… and this list is literally endless. Go ahead and buy this little treasure cove, which you can propagate into multiple pots later on. It is said that having a shot of aloe vera juice every day keeps us young and healthy all life and it has centuries of documented benefits and used throughout history. 

3. Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Hi - color'

It is one of the most popular and hardy species of houseplants. These are some of the toughest indoor plants you will find, with their sturdy, spiky leaves that range from six inches to eight feet tall. Snake Plants usually have green striped leaves, whereas the variety commonly known as Mother-In-Law's Tongue has a yellow border.

Sansevieria is one of NASA's Top Ten Air Purifying plants. Although these plants are not gentle and soft to the touch, they have a certain personality and look good as part of a plant cluster. These plants have a modern look and are long-lived. They thrive in either very bright light or almost dark corners of the house. The Sansevieria is also drought-resistant and can thrive on very little water for long periods.