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Cracker Shacker Combo / Aloe Vera 'Tiger tooth, / Echeveria 'Ghost Plant' /Kalanchoe Desert Cabbage / Kalanchoe 'Mother of Thousands, /

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What's special?

Aloe Vera 'Tiger tooth'-

The Angel wing begonia is a flowering species from a large family of plants named Begoniaceae.

The Begonia coccinea has a fair few varieties that display glossy type leaves on cane stems and display colorful flowers.

The Angel wing begonia blooms during summer. These flowers are a small waxy type that grow in groups from the stems, and kind of droop or hang. Flowers commonly bloom bright red to light pink in color.

Kalanchoe Desert Cabbage-

The desert cabbage is an unusual looking plant that develops in a rosette of flat, round leaves. It will add a bold texture and form to your succulent garden. The grey-green leaves can grow about 15cm long and will develop a tinge of red when exposed to full sun. Mature plants may produce a spike of fragrant, yellow flowers in the spring. 

Kalanchoe 'Mother of Thousands'-

Mother of thousands is of the Crassulaceae family and is related to jade plant.When learning how to grow Kalanchoe indoors, locate the plant in bright, but indirect light for several hours per day. When growing Kalanchoe outdoors, avoid direct afternoon sun.

Echeveria 'Ghost Plant'-

The ghost plant is that plant you see everywhere, but didn't know what it was called. With its pinkish-grey succulent leaves and trailing rosette form, ghost plants add a modern touch to container plantings and rock gardens. The ghost plant is a frequent subject of faux plant arrangements.