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Cutie-patootie Indoors Combo/ Coppertone Sedum, Sedum Adolphii 'Firestorm', Sedum Silver

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What's special?

Coppertone Sedum-

This Sedum is an evergreen perennial. It shows off its beautiful copper color when it’s “stressed” in full sun. It’s perfect for use as a ground cover or in a rock garden.

Sedum Adolphii 'Firestorm'-

Many would say that it is a work of art! To put it in simple words, Firestorm is a fast-growing, sun-loving, succulent plant. The center starts with green color, then some shades or yellow in between and vivid red at edges for finishing. The most striking thing about this succulent is that as it gets the exposure of sun, the red gets brighter.

Sedum Silver-

Sedum 'Silver Roses' is a brilliant addition to our Sedum range. Glaucus blue succulent foliage with a compact habit, that will spill and trail, to be completely smothered in summer under a carpet of hundreds of dainty creamy white, pearly tinted flowers.