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Elegant Air Purifiers | Aglaonema Thai Pink, Alocasia amazonica, Butterfly Syngonium, Peace lily

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Indoor air purifiers that protect and promote health. 

1.Aglaonema Thai Pink 

If you are a first time gardener and wish to decorate your terrace or balcony garden with houseplants, then Aglaonema Pink is the way to go. The bright pink leaves are usually a common sight in several Indian households. Not only are they individually attractive but they add colour and pomp when put in a pack of other plants. The Lucky Plant not only grows indoors but is a great addition to an outdoor garden too; though it needs protection from direct sunlight. Otherwise the plant is quite easy to care for. 

In order to maintain their beautiful pink colour, make sure to keep these plants in the shade. Too much sunlight could damage the leaves resulting in death of the plant. Apart from their striking looks, the Aglaonema Pink is also known for purifying formaldehyde and benzene from the air in your homes. This makes the plant a perfect fit for modern office and home settings. If you are a forgetful plant owner, Aglaonema Pink will not disappoint you with its ability to thrive in less than ideal conditions.


2. Alocasia amazonica 

If you have been looking for a dark, mysterious twist to your indoor garden, Alocasia amazonica must be the one for you. It’s exotic foliage will add a stunning appeal to your home. It would thrive when it is grown in a well drained soil, moderately humid conditions and slight shade. It is also called the elephant’s ear for it’s spread, flat leaves.


3. Butterfly Syngonium

This plant grows moderately fast, if it is simply taken care of moderately well. This is also known as the arrowhead plant for it’s uniquely shaped leaves that go from heart shaped to arrow as it grows. Now, the leaves become more beautiful and remarkable as they age, resembling a butterfly with white scales, hence named ‘Butterfly syngonium’. This can thrive in your indoor garden with bright indirect light and frequent watering.


4. Peace lily

 An excellent ornamental variety, the beautiful ‘peace lily’ is quite an easy plant to maintain, even with your busy schedules. This is also said to be an efficient air purifier. It would thrive in your little indoor garden, in indirect sunlight and medium watering, as the soil dries out. They are evergreen perennial plants that add an excellent ornamental value to your home.