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Delivery might get delayed due to Covid-19
Delivery might get delayed due to Covid-19

Bird nest fern | Asplenium Nidus

Rs. 599.00
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Indoor Plant
Needs Moderate Watering
Moist Soil
Pet Friendly
Low Maintenance
Ornamental Plant

Common Name: Bird nest fern, Rumah Langsuyar, Paku Pandan
Botanical name: Asplenium Nidus 

This is one of the most forgiving house ferns that doesn’t require much from you and wouldn't mind any humidity levels. It is called the Bird’s nest plant because it resembles the centre of a bird’s nest, almost looks like coral sea weeds growing indoor, and in bright green. It adds a touch of quirk to your interiors and gives you space too. So it's a win - win. Go for it and give it a chance.