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Ficus panda golden

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Common Name: Chocolate Soldier, Pussy ears, Cocoon plant, Teddy bear cactus, Velvet leaf kalanchoe, Plush plant

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe tomentosa

Other names: Panda Plant

Origin: Madagascar

What's special?

 Let us examine this plant for a moment. Grayish-green velvet like leaves, with bold brownish red dots all around the borders. It is completely reasonable to say that Panda plant looks like an art piece. Teddy bear cactus, Velvet leaf kalanchoe, Plush plant, Pussy ears, Cocoon plant are few of the names this plant has got because of its velvety texture. It has got one more name, which is slightly controversial – “Chocolate soldier”. It is a term used for a soldier who would not fight but would look good in a uniform. Keeping this cute controversy aside, this hidden gem from Madagascar is landscape gardeners’ one of the favorite indoor succulents.

Growth Habits: Up to 1 ft. (≈ 30 cms)

Soil Requirement: well drained coco peat

Watering Schedule: Twice a week

Light condition: direct or indirect sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 15 - 32 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: This is a slow growing plant. You can do it once in two years or when the plant is exceeding the pot size.

Suitable Locations: Try to keep this plant at bright locations like Balcony, windowsill, rock garden, etc.

Maintenance:  Low

Caring Tips:

 • Try to keep this plant in a bright sunny location. Strictly avoid dark areas. • Make sure that you do not wet the leaves while watering this plant as they can rot easily. • In case you want to move this succulent outdoors for the warm months, then move it gradually into full sun to avoid scorching its leaves. • Stay a little careful if you have cats or dogs around as the leaves are poisonous if ingested.