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Gracious Air Purifiers | Money plant green, Wandering jew, Peace lily

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Indoor air purifiers that protect and promote health. 


1. Money plant green


The Money Plant is one of the most commonly found house plants in India. These climbers are fairly easy to grow and thrive well in soil as well as water.


They have bright green heart-shaped leaves that darken as they grow and are often found on windows, over balconies and sometimes even indoors. The  Money plant is believed to bring good fortune, wealth and prosperity to its owners and is considered to be a worthy gift. Being low maintenance, these plants are much recommended for beginners.they love the shade and would be happy if you water once or twice a week.


2. Wandering jew


Wandering jew is a plant that has been literally ‘wandering’ from one house to another and one place to another. It’s history echoes long back when everyone had one such plant and would share these cuttings to each other. The most important part of growing this is to prune and pinch off the excess growth. This can even be a hanging pot above your head. With cuttings of this, you can grow so much many more, too.


Full sun/partial shade. Medium watering. Well drained soil. Toxic. 


3. Peace lily


An excellent ornamental variety, the beautiful ‘peace lily’ is quite an easy plant to maintain, even with your busy schedules. This is also said to be an efficient air purifier. It would thrive in your little indoor garden, in indirect sunlight and medium watering, as the soil dries out. They are evergreen perennial plants that add an excellent ornamental value to your home. 


Full sun/shade . minimal watering. Well drained soil. Toxic on ingestion.