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Hibiscuss | Parijatha | Jasmine Combo

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Hibiscus desi red

Common Name:    Hibiscus desi red

Botanical name:   Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

There could be several other colours of Hibiscus, but what comes close to our very own native Hibiscus with its very own distinctive shade of red-pink? It is a tropical beauty that will bring an exotic sense. And as a very important benefit, this particular variety is cultivated for its medical properties too. A herbal tea made with hibiscus petals is popular in South Asian traditions for its rich health benefits as an antioxidant, antidepressant and to reduce blood pressure. 

It's also said that one small cup of this tea or extract every day would keep your heart healthy all life!


Parijatha | Coral Jasmine | Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

Common Name:   Parijatha, Coral Jasmine

Botanical name:   Nyctanthes arbor-tristis 

This is an indigenous plant - the queen of the night, we all know as Night Jasmine or Parijata. It also has names like Coral Jasmine, and Tree of Sorrow - because its flowers shed like tears in the day. This plant is grown mainly for its deeply impressive fragrance and flowers that are used in pujas. This blooms from the evening and into the night, earning the name Night Jasmine. It is often planted along with the holy Tulsi plant. 

This looks exquisite on hedges and borders and should be never missed in our gardens or farmhouses. The fallen flowers look like a decorative carpet, adding to the beauty. This is a native plant you should go for, for its unmatchable bloom.


Jasmine | Cestrum diurnum

Common Name: Day blooming jasmine

Botanical Name: Cestrum diurnum

Cestrum diurnum is an erect evergreen woody shrub with numerous leafy branches. The leaves are simple, glabrous, entire, alternate, ex-stipulate in shape with obtuse apex and obtusely wedge-shaped below. A sweet white-smelling flowers each cluster supported by a leaf-like bract.