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Kentia Palm | Howea forsteriana

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Common name: Kentia Palm 

Botanical name: Howea forsteriana

Other names: Hollywood palm

Origin: Lord Howe (Australian Island)

What's special?

Used in the first-class cabins of ‘The Titanic’ and also Queen Victoria favorite plant which she insisted to be placed around her coffin, this royal palm deserves our respect.

The arc-like graceful leaves, with two to five palms planted together according to your pot size, will make any indoor space look elegant, pure and calm. You can enjoy this palm’s extremely slow growth while it gives rise to new fronds from the center of its narrow trunk usually during winter.

The plant is nicknamed as ‘Hollywood Palm’ since it is used extensive in sets of almost every other American movie or TV show. This plant is truly the definition of ‘tropical coolness’. 

Watering schedule: Once in a week

Light condition: Partial shade (6-8 hours of indirect sunlight)

Ideal temperature: Anywhere below 25 - 30 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: Avoid repotting unless you find that your plant is at the risk of rotting the roots.

Suitable Locations: Any indoor place, like room corners, where you can find indirect sunlight.

Maintenance: Low

Caring tips:

  • Do not overwater this plant as the roots may start rotting.
  • The leaves turning brown from the outer end is the sign of overwatering/ underwatering.
  • Keep the plant away from direct harsh sunlight.
  • You may trim off lower leaves as they age and become discolored.