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Latania Palm | Rhapis excelsa(Lady Palm) | Phoenix Dwarf Palm combo

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Red latan palm | Latania lontaroides

Common Name: Red latan palm

Botanical Name: Latania lontaroides

What’s special?

With wide segments and bright red leafstalks, this plant is one of the most beautiful of all fan palms. This plant could be a great addition to your open garden for many reasons. To start with, Latania palm is perfect for sunny, dry conditions as well it is resilient to drought or costal exposure.

This palm surely demands a sunlit position and some landscape space.  But once it reaches the desirable height, this palm acts as an excellent canopy and offers dust protection to your premises.

It will flourish in a wide range of climates and its rounded crown made up of large leaves will be an ornament to your lawn.

Caring Tips: 

  • You may trim the brown leaves but since the growth is slow do it only when it is required.
  • Place the plant in areas that have good draining system.
  • Give plenty of room for the plant to grow. Place it few feet away from any structure.


Lady Palm | Rhapis excelsa

Common Name: Lady Palm

Botanical Name: Rhapis excelsa

Lady Palm is the most well-known and widely cultivated species, easily adapting to most interiors, and used in both tropical and subtropical landscapes throughout the world. Water the palm when the soil is dry to a depth of 1 inch in spring and summer. In fall and winter, allow the soil to dry to a depth of two inches. Drench the soil with water until it comes out the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Lady palms can thrive in any kind of light from shade to full sunlight. The best results will likely be found in full, but indirect sunlight. The more shade it’s exposed to, the darker green the leaves will be.

What’s special?

‘Lady palm’ is one of the best indoor plants due to its various attributes. It has got long dark green leaves to soothe your eyes. Its air purifying quality which provides comfort breathing. And a special humidity control feature to offer you a pleasant environment. 

Due to its fan shaped steams, the plant is also known as “Miniature fan palm”. Lady palm growth rate is fairly slow, but it is surely worth the wait as the beauty only grows.

It has an easy tolerance towards low light conditions and strong woody stems which can fill substantial vertical space without spreading too wide. Such exceptional qualities also make this plant adaptable to any interior setting and adds a tropical feel to your room. 


Phoenix Dwarf Palm

Common Name:  Phoenix dwarf palm

Botanical Name: Phoenix roebelenii

What’s special?

Phoenix Dwarf is simply an attractive palm which takes its own sweet time to grow. It has got a unique intricate mesh of arching, long leaflets which gives a tropical feel to your interior.

‘NASA Clean Air Study’ project, which researched about ways to clean air in space stations, has listed down the name of ‘Phoenix palm’ as the plant that can help remove harmful air toxins. 

If you looking to improve your interior aesthetics and air quality or just wanting to keep something outdoors without committing to a heavy workload, this plant can surely be on your list.

Caring Tips: 

  • Do not overwater this plant as the roots may start rotting but maintain a regular watering schedule.
  • Avoid placing this plant near open windows or balcony during seasons of cold breeze.
  • Avoid repotting as far as possible.
  • Keep the plant at some reasonable distance from your children and pets so that the sharp spines growing at the base of the fronds should not cause any trouble.