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Delivery might get delayed due to Covid-19
Delivery might get delayed due to Covid-19

Owl’s claw

Rs. 460.00
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Indoor Plant
Well Drained Soil
Air Purifying
Exotic Variety
Do not eat me!
Low Maintenance

Common Name: Aloe Reinwardtii, Zebra Wart, Zebra cactus

Botanical Name: Haworthia Reinwardtii

Other names: Owl’s claw

Origin: Southern Africa

What's special?

 Looking for something simple yet unique? Then bring home this little plant! It is beautiful, peaceful, and easy-going. Haworthia Reinwardtii, showcasing its dark green leaves with white zebra like stripes, is one of the most interesting tabletop plants. These plants can go a long way without water, can tolerate frost or even extreme heat and look brilliant in pots of any shape or color. Although many people confuse it with Cacti, Owl’s claw is a succulent which gives pinkish white flowers during its blooming season. Its foliage is large at the bottom and takes a small spiral shape as it moves upward. All this makes it aesthetically perfect for any spot in your home.

Growth Habits: Up to 6 inches (≈ 15 cms)

Soil Requirement: well drained soil

Watering Schedule: Once in a week

Light condition: 4 – 5 hours of direct or indirect sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 20 - 35 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: While repotting, try not to disturb the roots. It is the slow growing plant, repot only when it goes beyond the pot size.

Suitable Locations: Balcony, windowsill, rock garden, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips:

 • Always be careful about overwatering as it can start root rotting immediately. • Try to keep this plant in a bright sunny location. Strictly avoid dark areas. • Putting or sprinkling water on leaves or flowers will cause them to catch fungus infection. Avoid this at all times. Give water to soil only. • Even if the plant does not outgrow the current pot, and repotting is not required, renew the soil with some vermicompost every two years or so. This will keep the plant healthy.