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Peace Lily

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Common Name: Spath Lilies, Cobra Plant, Mauna Loa Peace Lily, White Sails, Madonna lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum wallisii

Other names: Peace Lily

Origin: America, Southeast Asia

What's special?

 Peace Lily has a foliage that screams sophistication. The beautiful creamy-white flowers complimented by the long dark-green leaves - bring positive energy & peaceful touch to the room. Not just décor, this NASA approved air purifier is well known to help you get peaceful sleep if placed in your bedroom. It cleans indoor air, increases the humidity level, and absorbs airborne allergens – all this helps you breathe better, and aids fight insomnia. Be it your office desk or bedside table or corner of your living room, the white-green combination has the ability to make any place delightful & clean.

Growth Habits: Up to 40 cms

Soil Requirement: Well drained, cocopeat

Watering Schedule: Twice a week

Light condition: Bright indirect sunlight

Ideal Temperature: Anywhere between 18 - 24 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: These plants will require annual repotting or whenever the plant outgrows the current container. Use slightly bigger pot and fresh soil while repotting.

Suitable Locations: Places where the plant can get bright indirect light like Shaded balcony, closer to window, floor accent, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips:

 • Always use pots with proper drainage hole. Excess water can damage the plant in a very short time. • Keep these plants away from AC vents. Do not repot the plant for a minimum of 2 weeks after receiving it. • As a simple rule, watering must be done regularly in the summer and should be reduced during winter and rainy season. • Always remove dead, infected, or damaged plant parts and discard them. • Stay a little careful if you have pets and/or children around as the leaves are poisonous if ingested.

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