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Latania palm | Latania lontaroides

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Common Name: Latania palm

Botanical Name: Latania lontaroides

Other names: Blue Latan Palm, Red Latan Palm, Yellow Latan Palm (depending on its flower color)

Origin: Origin Mauritius (Mauritius Island, Western Indian ocean)

What’s special?

With wide segments and bright red leafstalks, this plant is one of the most beautiful of all fan palms. This plant could be a great addition to your open garden for many reasons. To start with, Latania palm is perfect for sunny, dry conditions as well it is resilient to drought or costal exposure.

This palm surely demands a sunlit position and some landscape space.  But once it reaches the desirable height, this palm acts as an excellent canopy and offers dust protection to your premises.

It will flourish in a wide range of climates and its rounded crown made up of large leaves will be an ornament to your lawn.

Growth Habits: Up to 25 feet high and up to 15 feet wide

Soil Requirement: Loam (mixture of clay and sand), should be well-drained

Watering Schedule: Water everyday

Light condition: Loves sunlight (full exposure)

Ideal Temperature: About 25 - 30 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: You may repot once they are big enough to demand more space.

Suitable Locations: Any outdoor place, like gardens, house boarder area, landscape places, on sides of entrance to a drive or walkway, etc.

Maintenance: Low

Caring Tips: 

  • You may trim the brown leaves but since the growth is slow do it only when it is required.
  • Place the plant in areas that have good draining system.
  • Give plenty of room for the plant to grow. Place it few feet away from any structure.

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