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Delivery might get delayed due to Covid-19
Delivery might get delayed due to Covid-19

Sitar's gold | Tradescantia spathacea

Rs. 299.00
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Indoor Plant
Partial Shade
Well Drained Soil
Needs Moderate Watering
Do not eat me!
Low Maintenance

Common Name:  Sitar's gold

Botanical Name:  Tradescantia spathacea


This resilient indoor container plant brings unique addition to your home. The coppery-gold leaves have deep burgundy undersides and form rosettes creating a full specimen with ease. It's a real trouper when it comes to holding its own through periods of neglect and poor lighting. For best growth and color give it bright indirect light or a little morning or afternoon sun. 

This eye-catching plant is easy to grow in a warm room with good humidity – perfect for a bright home.