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Triangle Palm | Dypsis decaryi

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Common Name: Triangle Palm

Botanical Name: Dypsis Decaryi

Other names: Madagascar palm, Three-Sided palm

Origin: Madagascar

What’s special?

This palm undoubtedly sums up the flora of Madagascar Island.

And then there a lot more to it. It requires hardly any nursing. It is resistant to drought, heat and windy conditions. You can plant it as a lone warrior, or you can plant them in groups for a gracious look.

Also, if you are looking to buy a low maintenance peacock-like ornament for your garden, your search ends here. Its beautifully arranged fronds in triangular form, lush green leaves supported by the robust brown trunk - gives your landscape a perfect tropical feel.

Growth Habits: Up to 25 -30 feet high

Soil requirement: Sandy soil

Watering schedule: Water regularly

Light condition: Full/partial sunlight

Ideal temperature: About 10 - 35 degree Celsius

Repotting instructions: Due to its slow growth the plant is not required to repot frequently. Only repot when the plant is pot bound.

Suitable Locations: Indoor or outdoor depending on the plant size and space requirement.

Maintenance: Low 

Caring Tips:

  • Plant in a well-drained area. Too much water or rainy weather could initiate root rot.
  • You may trim the old fronds as and when required. Not required to do it too often due to its slow growth pace.
  • Even though the plant is not vulnerable to occasional dryness, keep it watering at regular intervals. Just avoid overwatering.